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What pops up when someone looks you up on Google? Your website? LinkedIn? How about your expert advice article in one of the most trusted industry digital magazines?

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A set of carefully-crafted articles can position you as the #1 authority in your niche and have people literally chase you, begging to do business with you.

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We can make you an "instant celebrity" in your niche. All of a sudden, people will be seeing you "everywhere" and your organic reach will skyrocket you to influencer status.

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Been waiting months or years to enjoy the safety and credibility of that illusive blue check? The process is simpler than ever but it's what they don't tell you that stands between you and "verified" on Facebook and Instagram. 

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How would "As seen in"... Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, NBC, Fox media or Huff Post look on your landing pages? Nothing screams "authority" like that little badge!

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A good article in a credible publication will flood your business with traffic, leads and increase sales conversion. And it will keep doing so long after you turn off your ad spend.

Public Relations is Like the Big Sister to Social Media. Are You Ready to Play With the Big Kids?

There are only three ways to get exposure, grow your business and become "known" in your niche as an expert or verified influencer online. 

You can become a micro-celeb by spending years building a social media following, flaunting your goods and shamelessly sliding into the "dm"s of complete strangers (and hope they respect you in the morning) 

Or, you can play Russian Roulette with your money against the ever changing paid-ads algorithm and forever be at the mercy of Zuckerberg for your lead flow and revenue generation.  

Or you can build lasting authority that pays dividends for years to come by positioning yourself as a leader through endorsement from leading publications. Yes! You can enjoy total google domination simply by sharing value-packed content that your audience actually cares about.

How It Works


We Write Your Article

Our team of writers will take their time to understand your story and write amazing profile, thought leadership and news articles that positions you as a the superstar you are.


We Publish It Everywhere

We'll get your article published on 100+ news sites and leading business magazines your audience actually cares about, including big ones like Yahoo Finance or Market Watch and more!


You Get Results

We will help you leverage your new celebrity status to generate an endless tsunami of publicity opportunities and of course traffic, leads and sales. 
Get ready to be "in-demand" 

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