Get the Attention, Credibility & Brand Authority You And Your Business Deserve Without Spending A Dime On Ads - Even If Right Now You Are Completely Unknown. 

Real Press For Real People 

Supercharge Your SEO

What pops up when someone looks you up on Google? How about your expert advice article in one of the most trusted industry digital magazines? Control the conversation online and be seen as the "expert" in your niche. 

Become an Authority

A set of carefully-crafted well placed articles can position you as the authority and get customers over the "trust tipping point". When you control the conversation online and dominate the first few pages of google you will be seen as the leading expert in your niche.

Get the "Blue Check"

Been waiting months or years to enjoy the safety and credibility of that illusive blue check? The process is simpler than ever but it's what they don't tell you that stands between you and "verified" on Facebook and Instagram. 

Earn "As Seen On"

How would "As seen on" Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Bloomberg, NBC, Fox media or HuffPost look on your landing pages? Nothing says "credibility at a glance" like displaying the logos of credible news and media outlets who have featured you and your story in their trusted news sites, publications and podcasts.

How To Become A Verified Celebrity Influencer And Be Seen As A Credible Expert

There are only three ways to get exposure, grow your business and become "known" in your niche as a credible expert or verified influencer online. 

You can become a micro-celeb by spending years building a social media following, flaunting your goods and shamelessly sliding into the "dm"s of complete strangers (and hope they respect you in the morning) 

Or, you can play Russian Roulette with your money against the ever changing paid-ads algorithm and forever be at the mercy of Zuckerberg for your lead flow and revenue generation.  

Or you can build lasting authority that pays dividends for years to come by positioning yourself as a leader through exposure and endorsement from leading publications and on podcasts and becoming an omnipresent celebrity influencer in your niche.

 Check out our 3 step Credibility System for business and personal brands and then book a call with our brand strategist and get a free publicity audit for you business. 

The 3 Step Credibility System 


We Craft Your Unique Brand Story 

Our brand strategist will take their time to understand your story and audience, craft content and short list relevant publications for your thought leadership and news articles so we position you as a the superstar business leader, coach, founder or creator you are.


We Write, Publish And Place You & Your Articles 

We'll pitch and place your articles on 100+ news sites and in leading business magazines your audience actually cares about. From local and regional to industry specific publications, place you on relevant podcasts and top placements like Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Inc, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and more! 


We Get Help You Amplify Your Authority

We will provide beautiful graphic assets such as banners, social media posts and press kit to help you amplify and leverage your new celebrity status and generate an endless tsunami of likes, follows and publicity opportunities, like podcasts, speaking stages like TEDX,  "As Seen On" TV and even help you earn that "blue check"

Meet Adrienne

Co-founder and Publicity & Brand Strategist at Get Me Press.  Adrienne is Canadian, based in the Austrian Alps with her mountaineer husband and son. An expert brand strategist and big mountain skier, she brings a passion for adventure and entrepreneurship serving clients at the agency level before co-founding Get Me Press. She is a specialist in crafting and positioning offers and helps clients get clarity of their business objectives so that we can craft their brand story in a way that is both compelling, impactful and drives sales. 

Meet Michael

Co-founder and Director of Creative & Publicity at Get Me Press. An American based in Vienna, "Modest Michael" has decades of experience as a freelance journalist, writing, editing and placing content for startups in the creative and entrepreneurial space in the US and in Europe. Michael works closely with our clients to map and navigate their publicity journey from start to finish ensuring the highest quality content and placements are delivered. 
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That elusive blue check has been a moving target for many brands who do not currently have the celebrity to acquire it organically. However it is an achievable goal and one worth pursuing...but you are going to need the agency secrets roadmap to make it happen!