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6 Benefits Of Getting Your Business Featured In The Press

Part 1: PR Tips For Entrepreneurs

In the age of disinformation, micro-celebrities, social media “influencers” (who can’t even sell a t-shirt) and unpredictable ads algorithms that only benefit the biggest budgets, getting press for your business is the oldest and still the best way to be seen as a trusted authority and make a bigger impact.

Here are 6 benefits of getting featured in the press, for entrepreneurs.

1. It’s a cost effective way to boost your SEO and have your business dominate on google search and drive the eyeballs of those who are searching for your service, offers or expertise, right to you.

2. Overcome imposter syndrome. This is particularly beneficial for founders and CEOs that are not comfortable (yet) getting on youtube or tooting your horn on social media “live”. Print affords you edits and thoughtful crafting of your knowledge without the pressure of delivering it on video. Writing will help you find your voice, overcome imposter syndrome and position you for success when you are ready to launch that Youtube channel, podcast and land those speaking engagements.

3. You become a true influencer. Not the kind of influencer you see on IG in a bikini who can’t sell a T-shirt. When you author journalistic articles providing new angles on issues and topics your audience wants to know about, when you the expert, leading the conversation on relevant on issues in your industry, you become a true thought leader.

4. Increased sales conversions. As someone who has spent most of her life in sales, I can’t stress enough the importance of trust when it comes to a prospects buying process. The very last thing any informed buyer will do before they rattle off their credit card details, is google you. How exhausting it is, to make it to the finish line of a sales call, only have trust objections come up. Never again will you have to wrestle the prospect over the “trust tipping point”. Google yourself now. If the only things that come up are you tooting your own horn on your social media accounts, then stay with me, this is for you.

5. You can use the press coverage to impress investors, clients and partners long after it comes out by including the publication logos in your sales materials or on your website. How would “featured in Forbes” look on your landing pages?

Disclaimer: Landing placements in Forbes (and the like) is earned media, by way of real credibility that is accrued over time, as are the benefits of PR, so it makes sense for founders and startups to begin early.

6. It’s virtually free. Of course, time is money and publicity is a long term marketing strategy that requires the investment of time. However, unlike paid ads, it is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of evergreen traffic, visibility, company and brand credibility and higher sales conversations for years to come.

There are essentially three ways to publish content online,

  1. Become a blogger.

  2. Become a contributor on leading sites (Forbes contributor)

  3. Hire an PR agency to write, edit and get you and your business featured on paid placement in leading business, lifestyle and industry specific publications, and on podcast.

Regardless of which route you choose, be it featured by journalist or on podcasts (hire an agency) or become a blogger or contributor on publications (DIY) you should be in position to deliver interesting topics and promote your ideas, in other words, have a proven offer, process, innovation and something relevant to say about it.

Republished from Medium (Adrienne Greenwood)

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