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7 Ways Being A Guest On Podcasts Can Transform Your Personal Brand (and grow your business)

A Forbes Contributor has described podcast guesting as the Killer Marketing Strategy For 2023

In this article we are going to cover 7 Ways Getting On Podcasts Can Transform Your Personal Brand, from boosting SEO to creating raving fans, we cover it all.

In today’s social media landscape, growing your business and brand awareness is hard and being seen as credible, is even harder. It’s hard to capture someone’s attention in three seconds or less, let alone develop trust and a deeper connection between you, your brand and your audience.

Being booked on podcasts, or better yet, podcast tour combined with well crafted articles strategically placed in high domain authority publications, is a great way to share your story with the world, in your own words. Plus, you get to reach new audiences who might not have heard of you before. It’s a great way to build your brand and grow your community and hone your skills at speaking and selling “from the stage”

Forget trying to build credibility in a 30 second reel. Podcasting is 43 minutes non-curated, un-filtered, unedited, no preservatives added wholesome you-centric content. Because people don’t just buy products or enroll in courses or buy books, they buy the person behind the brand.

Here are 7 ways being a podcast guest can transform your brand.

1. Reach a Wider Audience

One of the primary benefits of being a guest on a podcast is that it can help you to reach a wider audience. Podcasts are typically downloaded by people who are interested in the topics that are being discussed, which means that appearing on a podcast can help you to reach new potential customers or clients.

2. Establish Yourself as an Expert

Another benefit of being a guest on a podcast is that it can help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. By appearing on a podcast and providing valuable information to listeners, you will be able to position yourself as an authority figure in your industry. This can help you to attract new business opportunities and grow your brand.

3. Build Relationships with Other Experts

In addition to establishing yourself as an expert, appearing on a podcast can also help you to build relationships with other experts in your field. These relationships can be beneficial as they can help you to network and learn from other successful individuals. Additionally, these relationships can also lead to joint business ventures or other opportunities down the road.

4. Increase Your Visibility

Another benefit of being a guest on a podcast is that it can help to increase your visibility online. This is due to the fact that most podcasts are available on popular platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, which means that your appearance on the show will be seen by many people. Additionally, many podcasts are also available on YouTube, which can further increase your visibility.

5. Generate Leads

In addition to increasing your visibility, being a guest on a podcast can also help you to generate leads for your business. This is because people who listen to podcasts are often interested in the topics that are being discussed and may be looking for more information about the products or services that you offer. As such, appearing on a podcast can be an effective way to generate new leads for your business, and sell direction “from the stage” inviting the audience to reach out and join your

6. Boost Your SEO Efforts

Finally, being a guest on a podcast can also help you to boost your SEO efforts. This is because most podcasts are indexed by Google, which means that your appearance on the show will likely show up when people search for keywords related to your industry or business.

7) You Create Raving Fans

Podcast episodes are human. They’re vulnerable. They’re intimate. They go deep. People want to hear from you. They want to hear about your challenges, successes, roadblocks, and struggles and they want to know what makes you tick, this is your time to shine and create powerful connections to the people who want to hear what else you have to say, and offer.

If you are thinking of launching your own podcast- Check out this article by Luis R. Diaz on the Essential Steps To Build A Highly Ranked Podcast.

You may also be interested learning how our team at Get Me Press puts podcasting into play in tandem with digital press to create a powerful PR Strategy for your business.

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